Szilárd Borbély

[29] Allegory IV

If you survive the time of your passing, and that age will come
which resembles you, and you should then look back
and all that I was comes to your mind,
do not believe that you were but yourself, and not I.

Like the evening after the performance, it will be difficult
to tell what occurred and what did not; but know
that which blurred the lines between who I was
and my existence was merely a game. For

my being, occupied by the speech of others,
as I was present in the emphases, shall
again be conjured forth upon the stage, empty and
yet with meaning replete. Like a

face after the play, radiantly smiling, albeit cold
as the hearts’ ice. “My face shall live
as long as there are eyes, as long as there is breath,
and you shall live within them,” I say; although it is

not you and not I, simply the memory of a
lyric. And what this sentence has endured,
only you and I shall know. And it will still be read
when there shall be neither the player nor the play.