The winner of the 2023 Winter Anthology Contest, judged by Nick Flynn, is Jeanine Walker for her Poem “First Evening, On a Lake”

past winners

2022, judged by Ann Lauterbach: Tony D’Arpino for his poem Trees of Iceland.

2021, judged by Stephanie Strickland: Anna Lena Phillips Bell for her poem “Emerald.”

2020, judged by Ange Mlinko: Timons Esaias for his story “Of the Books of Shahanay.”

2019, judged by Sarah Gridley: no winner chosen.

2018, judged by Cole Swensen: Aaron Fagan for his poem “We Are Cenotaphs.”

2017, judged by Dan Beachy-Quick: Laton Carter for his poem “The Starling.”

2016, judged by Donna Stonecipher: J. Bowers for her story “Fred W. Loring and His Mule, ‘Evil Merodach’ 48 Hours Before Death.”

2015, judged by Richard Kenney: Julie Gonnering Lein, for her poem “Rime in the Screen.”

2014, judged by Srikanth Reddy: Meg Matich, for her poem “Cantilevered Star,” and Andrew Seguin, for his poem “Last Visit to Chalon.”

2013, judged by Andrew Zawacki: Robert Shuster for his story “A Solution to the Barber Paradox.”

2012, judged by Cole Swensen: Steven Toussaint for selections from his long poem “Fiddlehead”: “the sentient flies,” “and woke in a flood,” and “the sapphirous eye of transits.”

2011, judged by Lisa Russ Spaar: Lillian-Yvonne Bertram for her poem “With a Candle for a Head.”