Richard Kenney

the one strand river

Here is ring terrain,
And here is ring marine.
This is the lower troposphere
In the Middle Holocene.

This is a water clock.
This is a green rain.
This is a sundial filed sharp
On the slant of the sunlight's grain.

Look, a watchwork iris;
Here, its bronze spring.
I think of the story of Osiris
Figured on a ring.

This is an eye unblueing,
The copper green, change;
Here is the tide of the one-strand river
Lapping ring terrain.

Gray goose and gander
How long have we together?
Green, the memory of love
As blue, a change of weather:

Rain, rain, rain
Scattering down the sky
Where heart's an armillary sphere
Of rainbows in the eye.

Now the water clock
A trickle under rime,
And oh I fear for the good king's daughter
Crossing over time.

I stand on the bank of the one-strand river,
River blue nor green,
And where is now, with the good king's daughter
Over ring marine?

For my sisters