Bruce Beasley

theme and invariants

So you see I’ve begun looking after you

looking for you

looking for you, who would not see
as relentlessly as I did
what we both meant
to end

So that you see just as long as you’re made
to listen
to this lyre’s
sedulous strain

Whose head severed in the river-current,
unlooked-at & still singing
all its way downstream to Lesbos

Not stopped looking after
you’d already begun to look twice
in every direction but ours

So I turned back too, back to
what we’d both been looking
away from, looking

looking after, in this
aftermath of whatever
we end up calling
what we ended

So you see
I’ve begun
so that you see

(pluck and pluck of the lyre)

So you see I’ve begun
under the eyelids,
silt on the singing tongue)

looking after you